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Hotmail Customer Care Toll Free Number 1-855-230-4666

For any kind of Hotmail related technical assistance, users can take help from the Hotmail customer care team. No one knows when users need technical assistance. That’s why Hotmail technical team is available for them all time with high end services. All the technicians are highly qualified and certified from renowned institutions. They are very much dependable and committed to deliver solutions within deadline. It can be Hotmail access problem, or browser related problem or hacking problems-they always have solutions for the users. Sometimes users take attempt to sort out those problems by their own.

hotmail customer care

Get familiar with the hotmail customer care team

Hotmail customer care team always suggest protecting the email account. To secure the account, it requires a secured password. Sometime users make a complex id with the combination of character, digits etc. But during using the account they become confused and forget that password. So keep a note all time. Users also should check that the caps lock is in active (not on) and users’ type the correct password. But, hotmail technicians advise them to mix the number and alphabets. It will prevent the hackers to guess it. To recover password, users need to go to the trouble shooting page. Where they have to mention ‘’I don’t know my password’’. Then users are instructed to enter the desired email address. After that, they have to complete the rest procedure. It’s very easy. Users can complete the last step alone.

Hotmail customer care team also warn the users about hacking activities and tell them to be alert when they find out that they are supposed to have unread mails, but in reality there is no new or unread mails. Sometimes, In this situation users started receiving complain from the people who are in their contacts (in email) , they are getting abusive or unwanted mails from the user. Sometimes users find out that there is no sign of important mails which have marked as important mails.

Hotmail expert team also tell the users to change the password if they have been using this password since beginning. But that doesn’t mean change the password regularly. No. If they change it regularly, then there is higher chance of getting confused with the actual password. Even if the users leave the account for long time without using then the account might be blocked or temporarily unavailable. In that situation, Hotmail technicians provide necessary guidance through Hotmail customer care number. But it makes worsen. So it is better to take advice from the expert team always.

Get to know about the outlook customer care segment

Sometimes, outlook users complain about that they are receiving error codes continuously, which prevent them operating this account flawlessly. Outlook customer care team provides some tips to solve problems.

  • Users can disable the virus scan. Outlook customer care department will help them out.
  • Users need to run outlook in safe mode.
  • If needed, users can rename the OST. If there is any problem, users can dial the outlook customer care number.

Hotmail Help: Hotmail customer care number and outlook customer care number both are toll free and available for 24×7 hours basis. There is no limitation in calling. Hotmail customer service team always support to fix issues online.